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Stories I only tell my friends

Funny thing about this summer of 2012.  It’s been relatively peaceful.  Without all the hand-burning/hand-breaking* and Musikfest four-ish weeks away, I’ve been light on stories to tell. Well, kinda. As my friend Kristina said yesterday, “You? No stories? My ass.” So, a correction.  I’ve been light on stories to tell on the internet. Because with … Continue reading

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Just when you thought I was never going to write again…

August?  When did you get here?  And what have you done to July?  Someone call the authorities.  August has done something horrible to July and she’s not talking. Why, it was just yesterday that I was thinking that summer was turning into one humongous party full of rainbow unicorn farts and ice-cold beer.  And now, … Continue reading

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It’s all happening…

This is a shorty, but by way of explanation about why I haven’t been posting here with as much regularity as I’d like, I’d like to pimp my recent blog posts on PopMatters: Bravo’s Work of Art: Wherin Highbrow Marries Lowbrow and it Lasts – At Least ‘Til Nullification and  Jam-Packed with Air: Memphis Beat.  … Continue reading