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Turning Baskin Robbins

A few months ago, my hip started aching. I seriously hurt it a few years ago, and after falling off a moving treadmill, doing physical therapy, and about two years of working my way back into shape, I don’t really ever want to go back. So, when I started to get the old pains again, I called my mom to tell her about it. But I was a little tired. And a little stressed.

So, I spiraled into the descending abyss that is me with no sleep and minor physical discomfort.

I went for the apocalypse. My hip was hurt forever. I was going to put on weight. I’d look icky. I’d need new pants. I liked the pants I had. I COULDN’T AFFORD NEW PANTS.

I’m good as a third party in a crisis, but in a mess I create myself, all I do is dive in head first and splash about in the wreckage. And this time of year — with the occasional birthday around the corner — can be open season for frolicking in personal muck.

I didn’t go easy into 30, and I’ve already had at least one 31-related self-inflicted headache. So, I’m making a grown up decision to accentuate the positive and look out rather than at my linty navel as I round the corner to September. I’ll likely still go hard, but I’m thinking it’s time to focus on how much good stuff has happened since this time last year and see if that softens the edges a bit.

Races! I ran races!

With friends!


Not mine, thank goodness. But friends had them, and I was glad to meet some new people in the process.  It’s crazy how the kids grow. And I not-so-secretly look forward to they day all their already spunky daughters (Did I mention that, like, everyone had girls?) give them heck and I can just roll my eyes at the kids and be like, “Your mom. I know. Right?”


Early Snowmaggedon!

It snowed for Halloween. And it was fun. Right until my power went out for four days. So, basically, for about three hours, the freak snow was awesome.  Then, I got smelly.  And I started to get really freaked out about how dark it was at night. And I missed television. And the option of hot food. So, I eventually went to my parents’ house and ate tacos. And went for a run, during which I happened upon a number of cops in my hometown. And that is how I found out what some of the old high school boyfriends are doing with themselves these days.

I took the photo to the right when it was still “this is an adventure time”; when it was still fun to eat chips and shredded cheese. Shortly afterwards, I memorized the power company’s phone number and started taking shelter in movie theaters.

It wouldn’t snow again. Bummer.

Art happened!

Right at the tail end of me smelling like ass and fleeing to the Jerz, I got a second job out of nowhere at a place I really wanted to work. Which was cool, except that for most of the year, it had to be my sorta-secret second job. But now I can do it openly. And I get to do/see/experience stuff like this:

It’s not a bad deal, if you can get it.

I got out of Dodge.

For a little bit, at least. I was in Boston long enough to see some people I haven’t seen in a while, enjoy gorgeous New England Spring, and to judge the family of this particular girl, who encouraged her to defile the Make Way for Ducklings statue.

To paraphrase my dad and Fat Albert, some people are like school in the summer.






Well, what else do you call the English Department softball team having its best season ever? We didn’t even have that many ringers this year.





And Summer…

There are a bunch of posts in there, but I’m going to leave that alone for a while. No broken bones, no real accidents, no Grease-type summer romances. But things were active. And never boring.

Did I plan for everything that happened to happen? Did everything pan out exactly as I had planned?

Eh, who cares?

It was pretty decent all the same.

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