While you were out

Dear Mom and Dad,

While you were in Scotland and Ireland, I did some stuff, too. Not much stuff, but, you know, stuff. So, you weren’t the only people having fun. I thought I’d write you a quick note to let you know what happened in the life and times of your beloved oldest child.

I hear you didn’t get me that “I saw Nessie” shirt I didn’t tell you I wanted until the last minute. But that’s cool. I’ll just grab one the next time I swing past Scotland. I hope you got me a sweet collection of pencils from the United Kingdom.

Here in scenic Bethlehem, I saw one heat wave end and another begin. My sinuses didn’t like it, but hey, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly how many nerves are in your face.

Also, my softball team took first place in the regular season. So, the English department softball team is in the playoffs. You made it back to the East Coast in time for the apocalypse.

I finished Moneyball. I’m always surprised by how much I like statistics, but then I remember that everyone who graduates from a College of Arts and Sciences loves statistics. It is the math of my people.

Work was good. Not like restaurant week, but not every week can be a festival of cheap food. Adulthood is understanding that, right?

I saw the new Woody Allen movie. It was no What’s Up, Tiger Lily?, but it was pleasant all the same. 

A bird got stuck in my car.

Musikfest is rapidly approaching. I’ve downloaded the app, I have my mug, and I’ve prepared my body for the Thunderdome.

I went out to breakfast and discovered the joy that is the sweet potato quesadilla. I also went to the mall at the casino for the first time, saw the casino from across the food court, and was appropriately horrified. That was the same day the bird decided it wanted to ride home in my car.

I also ate way too many hot dogs over these last 10 days. You should probably chat with me about my eating habits.

With love, from across the Delaware,


P.S. Things have been really slow. It’s been REALLY hot here.


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