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Signs and starts

While I’m in some pretty deep, challenging-the-moon-landing-level denial about it, it seems like there’s about a be a bit of change coming soon.  And that’s all right, but moments of transition always get me thinking about other big transitions that were frightening but ended up being pretty interesting starts to things.

So, today I was thinking about the start of college and why I picked The College of New Jersey over a place like, say, Rutgers, where they have sandwiches and all.  I could go into the various and sundry reasons, like a belief in quality public education, possible scholarship money, the school’s academic reputation, all those things that make up the college decisions process.  But that wouldn’t be the whole truth.

For that, we need to go back to a field trip to TCNJ in November, 1998.  I was a little apprehensive about the next few months, and while I didn’t think I wanted to go to TCNJ, I hadn’t not thought about it.  Probably because it seemed inevitable that I was going to go there.  But there was one thing that made me enthusiastic about filling out those applications, one thing that made me feel at home on that campus.

Can you see it? It’s over by those bushes. It’s not one of those gigantic lawn balls.  It’s the sign.  The sign that clearly states that the building you see there is the Music Building.

All the buildings have signs like that.

A clearly labeled campus.  I just knew.  Did you think it would be more complicated than that?


9 thoughts on “Signs and starts

  1. Awww, TCNJ is so beautiful, even with those ridiculous glowing orbs in front of Looooser Hall. Food for thought, this… why DID we pick TCNJ? We were 17 year olds with good taste, anyway, because what could have been better?

    Blog looks fantastic, so glad you are back! Godspeed with pending Transitions and Changes!

  2. Thanks, Holly! I always wonder about the 17 year-old decision-making process, too. Especially with the kids who didn’t have literal signs guiding them.

    • Literal signs sure would have been useful! Now, if I had seen that TCNJ mustache shirt, then that would have made my mind up for me right there…

      • Same here. 17 year-old me would have been into it. To bad 30 year-old me missed it. If I had known, I would have driven there to pick them up, laundered them, and mailed them to various destinations around the country so that we could have worn them proudly.

        • Seriously, I am so full of sadness that they did not spread the word to we alums immediately. I would have wanted one to wear, and one to hang from my porch like a flag!

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