Goodbye, Summer 2011. We hardly knew ye.

Unlike a lot of people, I’m not exactly mourning the end of summer. I mean, I do love summer. Seriously. Always have. Heat really doesn’t bother me, sun and I are good friends, and I like my freedom. But while I love my days at the pool as much as any chlorinated sun addict, I GET TO GO BACK TO WORK SOON!!!!

Really. I’ve missed feeling like a contributing member of society. Even if my contribution is attempting to convince 18 year-olds that it’s in their best interest to act like human beings some of the time. Someone has to be foolish enough to try it.

Also, my most recent summers (you know, 2010 and 2011) have been full of object/life/endurance lessons. And honestly, I prefer the drama-free monotony of paper grading. I’ll pray for spontaneous blindness over making tow truck guys feel awkward with my crying any day*.

But the real reason that I’m ready to put Summer 2011 to bed is that it never really felt like it happened for me. After May and June’s incidents (car accident #1, burning my hand/emergency room visit #1, and car accident #2/emergency room visit #2/breaking my hand) July sort of collapsed in a blur of stress and recovery. I also bought a car, paid some medical bills, and got a minor cold/flu. And then August, well, there was Musikfest, and then there wasn’t, and here we are.

So while I had a good deal of summer fun with my friends and family, spent a lot of time at the pool, and even had a brief summer job, my plans for the summer sort of fell apart when life decided to happen all over it. You know that saying about God laughing at people who make plans. Except that in my case, He (or whatever it is that controls the universe) laughs so hard He/It pees a little, which causes flash flooding that I get stuck outdoors in not once, but twice.

But I did do some things this summer, some of which I’d now like to share:

1. I broke my first bone.

2. I developed what I think might be the start of an addiction to chocolate Cheerios.

3. I finished watching the complete run of The West Wing. I would suggest not bringing the show up in my presence unless you have at least nine spare hours open immediately for intense discussion.

4. I also watched all of Sports Night. I get why it’s a cult thing, but I also sort of don’t get it.

5. During the most recent heatwave/my minor summer illness I watched all available episodes** of Breaking Bad and In Plain Sight^. I have explored life on both sides of the law and have a lot of Views on life in Albuquerque, specifically, and New Mexico in general.

6. I embraced drinking beer at the movies. Results were mixed.

7. I sort of finally understand why people like to go see live music. This does not, however, change my opinion of The Funhouse. Everything I’ve ever said about that place is still true.

8. I’m also sort of finally seeing what people see in Wilco. Because of this, I’ve developed a theory that our musical tastes change like our palates. Like,  when I was younger, I didn’t used to like Cheez-Its. In May, they were the greatest thing that happened to me while I waited for a flight at Kansas City International Airport*^.

9. I’m actually going to finish Infinite Jest.

10. I had a tenth thing, I swear. But I forgot it.

So, that was Summer 2011. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some cute cardigans I’m looking forward to wearing. And there are some fun races I’m looking forward to running. And, anyway, before we all know it, it’s going to be Highland Games weather. And that makes everyone happy.


* Though, really, dude. I just crashed my car and my hand was broken. You’re never going to make it in this biz if you’re weird about some light sobbing.

** This means anything on DVD/streaming on Netflix. I’m behind the times on the most recent/current seasons.

^ Yeah, I know how much television that is. If you figured it out, though, you’re the one with the problem.

*^ In case that wasn’t clear, Cheez-Its = Wilco.


One thought on “Goodbye, Summer 2011. We hardly knew ye.

  1. Oh my goodness, I am SO ready for cardigan season. Also, I want to put “attempting to convince 18 year-olds that it’s in their best interest to act like human beings some of the time” on the backs on my non-existent business cards…

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