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The Martha Stewart of First Aid

While it kills the surprise of the multi-part saga of my left hand a little, the hand that I burned two weeks ago is currently broken. Along with my blaze orange velcro/white plastic hard splint, I was given two cotton handsocks at the orthopedist’s office. After realizing that summer and my level of activity makes it necessary to have both handsocks clean and on hand every day, I decided to improvise. Thank goodness there’s a significant enough portion of the market still wearing tube socks that make them both readily available and cheap.  But if anyone knows where I can get some retro-inspired colored-stripe tube socks, I would greatly appreciate it.  I’m stuck in this thing for the next five weeks, so I’d like to add some style to this business.

Also, in my quest to find old school-style tube socks this morning, I decided it kinda stinks to be a guy. Your socks are so not fun.

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