complete randomness


Here are some thing that fit nowhere.  Except here, I guess.

1.  Picking the rental car that my dad wouldn’t pick isn’t an effective form of rebellion.  Especially on a warm day, when the Dad option has power windows.

2.  I know all the wrong people at the right places.

3.  The degree to which I actually like cake is significantly lower than my excitement over it.

4.  I almost yelled at an undergrad girl to get her hand out of her boyfriend’s pocket today.  This is not the first time I’ve had to hold myself back.  Aside from being a vastly unsafe way to navigate steep campus stairs, everyone’s mom has taught them better than that.

5.  Someday, someone is going to understand that I can be won over by a well-timed Slurpee.  I just need to develop some patience.

6.  The other night I drank this crazy frozen fruit drink from Taco Bell.  For the first few sips, I thought it tasted chemical-y.  Not a bad guess.  But it took me entirely too long to realize that the weirdness was fizziness.

7.  Every day that I teach, I congratulate myself for not dropping an f-bomb.  Then I berate myself for calling it “dropping an f-bomb.”

8.  Every now and again, I think I scare my students because I sound like a real human lady person that they might enjoy talking to under different circumstances.

9.  Some days, I lose a good chunk of time thinking about how much I want a really, really good sandwich.  Like, a sandwich so good I’d stop eating halfway through to cry.

10.  Leaving me a subversive post-it note is a sure-fire way to become one of my top five favorite people.


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