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Home socks

Like fist pumps for your feet and calves

On my pilgrimage to the old stomping grounds this weekend, I stopped by the college bookstore to pick up new gear.  While picking out a new TCNJ t-shirt, I ran into these sweet knee socks.  Since I’m well-known fan of socks, especially those of the knee variety, and New Jersey, I couldn’t help but make them mine.  Because aside from allowing me to express my love of my home state, there are few things I enjoy more than being straight up Jersey in a room of snarky Pennsylvanians.  And I have a feeling these socks are about to up the ante.

5 thoughts on “Home socks

  1. Love the socks.

    Your love of your home state (and things Philadelphia, i.e. Eagles and Phillies)came up in class yesterday. You now have about 30 more phans.

    • You made it clear to your class that, like Alec Baldwin in that video I posted yesterday, I don’t recognize Philadelphia as a legitimate sports town, right?

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