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One step forward, two steps back

Did someone say Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat?



Then I guess I don’t need this:

I had so many questions about that video in 1989, and so many more now.

Different post, different day, I guess.

From what my internal agenda tells me, today’s topic is running.  As in the the hobby/sport.  Specifically, training for races.  And dealing with setbacks.

As I’ve probably (or maybe certainly) mentioned before, I signed up for a St. Patrick’s Day 5k* and a half marathon on May 1.  Which means that I’ve got some training to do.   In general, this all makes me very happy, because I need to be out and about and running around.  And I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m big on the winter runs this year, which has been great both in terms of simply being awesome and in making me enjoy this winter in a new, exciting way.

But as anyone who runs (or does any sport, really) knows, all this training and happy running can’t go on happily indefinitely.  After weeks of unicorn fart-like progress, every athlete eventually hits a snag or two.  And after the months-long massive runner’s high that I’ve had going, I was bound to hit a week (or two) like the week (or two) that I’ve had/been having.

Back when I was writing about how drivers were being total jerks to pedestrians in their rush to get places in their heated cars, you might remember that I also slipped in something about icy sidewalks and my propensity to jump over snowbanks.  Well, I found out that sometimes when you combine those two things, you do a twisty thing to your knee that doesn’t hurt, exactly, but reminds you that your joints can get angry sometimes.

And, of course, this happened while things were getting unusually springy in February around here.  So while I still insisted on going out and doing this:

I'm good at laundry, but those stains are still there. It's awesome.

Which was great, but didn’t help matters of healing much.  Especially since I went out that Friday, stayed up too late, and still insisted on going on a run the next morning.  During which I fell off a curb, got my foot stuck in a puddle that formed between a curb and a snow pile, and landed face-first in someone’s hedges.

That move can make an already twisty knee angrier.

It can also make your friends laugh very hard.

So, I took a lot of the rest of the day off.  And the next day.

But Monday, I was back in the gym, even though I promised myself I’d go easy.  My left knee — or, The Problem, as it’s now known — is directly attached to the quad/hip that caused me so much trouble from November 2008 to  August 2009, and from which I’ve only recently fully recovered.  So I’m not interested in effing around.  But as anyone who’s ever been successful with getting back on the exercise/training/being badass horse will tell you, the endorphins and routine can be pretty addictive.  So, Tuesday I was back in the gym and working at normalish speed.

And seeing that I wasn’t getting the message, my body decided to hit me hard and fast and let me know to STAY DOWN.  I didn’t fall, but as faithful readers (or really even careless readers, since the details are right below this post) will know, I came down with a touch of something this week.  And that has killed my energy level/stamina.  And the searing pain in my face from Wednesday’s non-illness-related facial injury has made me crabby and not exactly in the best shape to be out and about.

I know that patience is key right now; pushing through this won’t pay off in the end.  However out of shape I feel I’m getting, pounding a sore knee with a cold is bound to only sideline me more.  My rational brain knows this and knows it very, very well**.  But the problem with getting sick/moderately injured/smashing your face on your furniture is this: it feels like a bodily betrayal.  So it’s not so much the feeling crappy — which is definitely an issue — but the impatience that comes with not wanting to feel crappy anymore.  Because I know I was feeling awesome before I felt crappy and I know that I’m going to start feeling that way again soon.  But for now, it’s hard.  Because while some of the awesome’s still there, it’s hard to see under all the Vapo Rub, dirty hair, and snot.


*And I’ve already bought the knee socks for the occasion.  They are awesome.

** You only need to fall off a moving treadmill once to get that message.

2 thoughts on “One step forward, two steps back

  1. Running is not the only thing that can keep you in shape and help you train and variety is the key. You need a low/no impact cardio exercise like, um, I don’t know… swimming. If I recall you do know how to do that. If I knew how to swim that’s what I would be doing.

    But then again, I’m only your father and what would I know……

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