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Foodie Goodies

Shh! The fact that I can bake is a secret.

Oh, yes.  I made brownies in a cupcake tin.  With peppermint patties baked in the center.  I’d cut one open and show you, but they’re not for you.  They’re for company.


4 thoughts on “Foodie Goodies

  1. i did this toooooo! but i put oreo’s in the middle. mine looked just like that:) and they were super tasty! we’ve been enjoying them all week!!

    love your blog…stumbled over from dear abby leigh

    • They look good, but I haven’t been able to taste them. From what I could get off of the knife I used to loosen them up, though, they’re fudgy like I hoped they’d be. They came out dense and look a little like popovers, which is what I was going for.

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