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A case of the mid-Februaries

Good news.  I don’t have cholera.

I checked^.

Thanks, WebMD.

And that’s the story of how I amused myself yesterday morning between student meetings.  That’s not to say that it was a bad day, regardless how my recreational disease-related research might seem.  I wore a shirt that I thought might be iffy but it turned out to be a winner.  My tutoring appointments went well.  I am adjusting to my new bangs.  I got some reading done.  I put my foot down with forgetful students.  But resolving the whole “do I have cholera or do I get stomach cramps sometimes when I run because I just do” question was the most whimsical I got.

I’ve hit that critical point in the semester where the days are running together, the cold weather seems like it might just be breaking, giving me a little (false) hope for spring, grading is pouring in, and spring break is just out of reach.  So things are just blah, with bits of unnecessary self-differential diagnoses mixed in to break up the monotony*.

But it’s really just a February slump.  Too much to do, long weeks, and the snow’s melting*^.  Looking forward, I see flip flops, a 5k, a half marathon, the end of the semester, and a weekend where I sleep in past 7:30.  But for now, the grind is the grind.  Things are unresolved, we’re getting teased with the weather, and half marathon training is being occasionally thwarted by icy walkways**.

I’m trying to see the generic days of February as a good thing: nothing catastrophic has happened, and if things are boring, so be it.  There is a lot to be said for boring.  But since simply saying that is far too simple for me, I’m in the mood to make a list about things that are good/exciting/worth the February slog:

1.  Finally frustrated by the slim pickings on the radio, I rediscovered the mix CD.  Last weekend, I channeled my inner middle schooler (the one who used to make mix tapes from songs taped off the radio), made myself a CD for the car, and never looked back.  And you’re all super lucky that it’s not warm enough for the windows to be down, or you’d be treated (subjected) to my version of “When I Get You Alone” at traffic lights.

2.  My long runs are starting to feel too short to be challenging.  I find this super encouraging news in the whole half marathon project.

3.  I decided to maybe write about the half marathon progress if I think of something to actually say about it other than I go out and run and it’s fun.  Maybe I’ll tell you about my new hat.  Because it’s pretty sweet.

4.  Speaking of fun runs, I am running in shorts on Friday, come hell or high water.  It’s going to be in the 60s, so I plan on charging across the bridge sometime in the mid-afternoon.  If you’re one of my (friendly***) honking friends, look for me on the bridge.

5.  Glassblowing’s back in session.  Once again, I’m making progress towards sucking less.

6.  Parks and Recreation is killing it/me.  If you’re not watching, you should get with the program (ha! double meaning! zing!).

7.  Glassblowing and President’s Day merged in a strange but awesome way about two weeks ago and it was sort of fantastic.  Maybe I’ll explain more some other time, but let’s just say Rabbitham Lincoln had his brief moment.  Really, all you need know that it happened and that it was good and that while no one else understands my fondness for President’s Day, it was celebrated publicly.


^ Just so we’re clear, at no point was I worried that I actually had cholera.  I was looking it up for reasons that are bit too convoluted to explain fully but that deal with the machinations and twists of my brain.

*Of course, if I really wanted someone to come up with what’s wrong with me, I could just call my brother.  Odds are that he’d say that — in his expert opinion — what was ailing me was stemming from my chronic case of fartface.  Or my life-long struggle with buttheadism.

*^ While it will get me stoned (as in throwing rocks, not having fun with drugs), I will admit that I actually like snow very much and was sort of thrilled that we had the winter we had.  But I’m annoyed that I seem to have missed all my skiing opportunities for the season.

** I haven’t learned — even though experience is supposedly a good teacher — not to jump over snowbanks when I’m not sure what’s on the other side.  I also clearly haven’t learned from the last hip injury and long recovery not to land on my left leg.  Someone writing this conveniently forgets from time to time that she’s closer to 30 than 10.

***  Did you not grown up in New Jersey and not learn the concept of the friendly honk?  See me for details.  It’s like friendly yelling, but you can’t just charge blindly onto the friendly honking scene.

2 thoughts on “A case of the mid-Februaries

  1. I have to admit that I’m jealous. I always wanted to run a marathon bu twhen I was young enough and in shape enough to do it, there weren’t any marathons around to run. At my age, I’m afraid that the training and all the additional weight that I carry would be a disaster for my knees. They have to last me another 30 years or so.

    Enjoy the weather. I’d like to go kick a ball around but it’s still too messy out there.

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