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Creature Comforts

Is it Spring Break yet?

I was going to start this post with an offer to make out with whoever would come over to my house and make me eggs.  But then I remembered my dad reads this sometimes (Hi, Dad!), so I decided not to offer favors over the internet in exchange for food.

Also, it just seemed unfair to make promises that I’m unlikely to deliver on.

So, why do I want someone to make me eggs, anyway?  I know how to scramble, fry, and hard-boil them myself.  Eggs are versatile and easy, a simple solution for the lazy home cook.  So, what’s the big deal?

Let me explain by way of a story: Last year, when I was babysitting during the height of the holiday season, my charge for the evening and I curled up on the couch to enjoy some Thomas the Tank engine stories* before bed.  Mid-way through some saga about lugging coal up a mountain, the then five year-old snuggled next to me looked up and said, “I’ve had a babysitter since Tuesday.  It’s Saturday.  And I didn’t get a nap today.  This week has been forever.  Also, your hair is itchy.”  Blown away by his profound wisdom, all I could say was, “I totally feel you, kid.” And then I put my hair in a high ponytail.

I think about that phrase, “this week has been forever,” every time the week gets long and I get a little punchy.  Because it so perfectly sums up what it means to be tired tired and still have a ways to go before you sleep.

This week, I did two things to make the journey to Friday that much sweeter.  First, I bought myself that deluxe pack of dry-erase markers** I’ve had my eye on, once again cementing my reputation as the Queen of Office Supplies.  I also have faint hopes that this will win me tiny crumbs of affection from my students.  Because who doesn’t love a colorful classroom?

Second, I’ve been having cravings for my favorite comfort foods, like mac and cheese.  So, I had some*** of that for dinner.  But I also wanted candy.  And not just any candy.  I wanted — and bought myself — CANDY!

Behold! CANDY!


* These stories reinforce my worldview that I should be constantly working towards being  “very useful.”  If you’ve ever run into me in one of my here-there-everywhere-kicking-ass-and-taking-names moods and heard me say that, now you know my source material.

** The multicolor 12-pack.  Jealous?

*** Okay, like 85% of a box of Annie’s Deluxe.  What are you, the police?

9 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. Life would be very sad without Annie’s Deluxe. Eat the whole box if you want.
    Or if you can, I should say. I get stuffed at roughly the 85% point as well. I don’t think there’s any way I could get through the whole thing in one sitting.

    • I skipped lunch (sort of) yesterday, so I probably could have done the whole thing. But those gummy worms that I was eating (sort of) at the same time were kind of filling. :)

  2. It’s odd that we have the same body rythmns. I’m having a really long week and stopped in WalMart last night for a “victory dance” when I finish up tonight. Did you know that they make a Hershey’s bar with caramel in the middle?

    Oh, and I do eggs on Suday morning with your mother.

    • Yes, I did know that. But I still prefer the Caramello (and isn’t that Hershey’s?). But you know that I’m also still waiting for someone to start importing the Cadbury bar that I like.

      And I know all about Sunday eggs.

  3. Seeing how you brought up the subject of erasable markers.. Did you ever use the wrong (i.e. permanant marker) when you meant to use the erasalble one. Here’s a solution – write over the permanent marker over reasable marker and it will lift everything off when you erase it.

  4. I love that your markers have their own carrying case. And that I am not the only one that craves boxed mac and cheese as comfort food. How is the Annie’s? Because I was kind of disappointed with my Velveeta micro cup the other day.

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