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A change of name

You might have noticed this already, but I pulled the old switcheroo and changed the name of this blog.  Can you believe it?  I mean, how much more complicated can I make things?  First of all, in a totally obnoxious move on my part, the URL doesn’t match the site name*.   And now, out of the blue, I just up and change the name of my blog again.   I am, by most accounts, a pain in the ass**.

So, let me explain why.

Most importantly, I didn’t like the old name.  I’ve wanted to make a name change for a while, especially since I started to shift the tone and subject matter of my writing in August.  At that point, Pop Smatterings didn’t really fit what I started to do here, which was write more about my life and less about pop culture.  Or, as I like to think about it, I made the decision to use this space for navel gazing rather than tv gazing.

Because I worry about sounding too self-important***, I’m trying not to be too navel-gazey, as I know most people aren’t exactly interested in the day-to-day business of being a super-happening graduate student.  What I’ve been trying to do recently is tell stories about the things that amuse or interest me.  Recently, something small has happened during my day and I’ve decided it’s been good fun to share the weirdness with the internet.  And since I’ve been trying some new things, thinking about old stuff, and trying to talk about some stuff that people might not have noticed or that I might see slightly differently, I’ve generated a decent amount of material.

To counter the impulse to describe my belly button lint, I’m still working a lot of pop culture into what I’m working with when it applies to the story I feel like telling or the topic I feel like using this space to work through.  So, it’s still here, but the ratio’s slightly different.  The whole pop culture thing — while still ultra important — really isn’t my  dominant focus and is more of the larger picture.  In my mind, changing the name allows me the freedom to do that (and again, I know that any restrictions are mostly in my head, but this works for me).

So, why, “Cardigan Enthusiast?”

It works.  It just does.  Trust me.


*Which originated with a bad site name and a migration to WordPress.  This is what happens when you don’t firmly pin down your title before you move your blog.

** If you need confirmation, I can give you a list of people who can back up that claim.  They’d be happy to speak with you.

*** This was my primary objection to starting a blog.  I still worry about, but I worry a little less because I have a relatively detailed rationale for why I write here.  I won’t really get into it now, but it has a lot to do with experimentation and keeping the old writing muscles limber.  It also has to do with finally realizing that I could write for fun (two — almost three — English degrees didn’t spark that realization) and then discovering that once I started having some fun, I sort of needed to write.


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