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I hope you have a pair of earplugs and a good dentist

You probably don’t know this, but I’m a semi-kick ass babysitter.  While I lack most maternal instincts, I’ve got a good head for rainy day activities.  And crafts?  No sweat.  Where’s the clay?  We’re headed to Gymboree?  Awesome.  Can’t wait ’til parachute time.  Bedtime stories?  Great.  I do voices.  To back all this up, I … Continue reading

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Tell me baby, do you recognize me?

Since it’s the time of year when some radio stations play constant loops of Christmas music, other radio stations throw in a Christmas song in every now and again*, and I’ve made a full body plunge into the holiday season, I’ve been thinking pretty seriously about what I’ve been hearing everywhere I go.  More specifically, … Continue reading