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I swear I was here the whole time…You just weren’t looking…

Or maybe I wasn’t.  Things might have gotten away from me this semester.  But, hey, at least I can say September was a hazy blur that’s hard to recall.

I turned 29.  I know that for sure.  I believe there was a party.

The rest, well, as they say, that’s history.  But with Thanksgiving coming and the holidays drawing near, it might be a good idea to account for my whereabouts.  And since I love me some numbered lists, I think I’ll do one while I wait to get Thanksgiving break started off right (By heading to a library to hear an author speak!*  Squeal! I’m SO glamorous!).

1.  I started blogging for Phillyist alongside my PopMatters work.  It’s been lots of fun.  I’ve fallen behind on the PopMatters work recently, but I’ll be getting back into things very, very soon.  So, keep any eye out. Meanwhile, read my It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia recaps on Phillyist.  I’ll spoil it good for ya.

2.  Teaching hasn’t been a total disaster, so that’s a good thing.

3.  I’ve been doing more glassblowing.  My work still looks like I live in a sideways world with sideways things, but at least the tumblers I’ve been making are not slightly more symmetrically lopsided.  We call that progress.

4.  To date, I have had one Thanksgiving dinner.

5.  Per #4, I encountered fried turkey for the first time.  I was not disappointed.

6.  I’m running a bunch of races this holiday season.  One is a Turkey Trot to support the historic district of Bethlehem, Pa.  The other is a New Year’s Eve 5K in celebration of the Peep, which we also take very seriously around these parts.

7.  I decided to volunteer this holiday season.  I’m not going to say where, but if you knew you might wonder (like I do, frequently) what I was thinking.

8.  The local radio stations started playing Christmas music last weekend.  While that’s kind of annoying in and of itself, I haven’t heard “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime” yet, so I haven’t gone completely over the edge yet.

9.  In related news, I worry that Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” might inspire some sort of holiday-related rage episode and it won’t be pretty.  It could be that I’m tired.  Or that I’m hearing a lot of Christmas music before Christmas cookie season has begun.  And I find Christmas cookies soothe me.

10.  The post-semester crash is going to be AWESOME this year.  Stay tuned.


* Salman Rushdie at the Philadelphia Free Public Library.  This will be the third time I’ve seen him speak and the second time I will refrain from asking the Padma Lakshmi question: You left her?  How does that work?


2 thoughts on “I swear I was here the whole time…You just weren’t looking…

  1. Ooooh, whatever could this mystery volunteer place be? Is it some kind of grammar rehabilitation center? You just need MORE quality time revising people’s incomprehensible writing? Your students are not enough???

    • Grammar rehab starts after the holidays.

      Holly, think Bethlehem tradition and Holiday sweatshirt-wearing. I’ll be there every Friday until there are no more Fridays of it.

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