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Just when you thought I was never going to write again…

August?  When did you get here?  And what have you done to July?  Someone call the authorities.  August has done something horrible to July and she’s not talking.

Why, it was just yesterday that I was thinking that summer was turning into one humongous party full of rainbow unicorn farts and ice-cold beer.  And now, it’s come to my attention that school’s starting up in, like, two weeks.  I guess that means we’ll start instituting field writing protocols and getting back on the old schedule horse soon.  Once that semester begins, it’s all business, all the time around here.

I guess it also means that I have to stop mixing my metaphors in an attempt to be cute.

So, where have I been since last we spoke?


1.  Right now in the town I live in it’s Musikfest, a 10-day 11-hour long festival of music, food, drinking, general rowdiness, and hot weather.  I have called on my personal stash of Tums at least twice and attempted to brush my teeth in a publicly-sanctioned tooth brushing area.  I did other things, too, but I’m not going to talk about them on the internet to protect the equally guilty.

2.  I’ve actually fallen behind on some summer tv.  I’ll be catching up this week as the harsh reality of the start of a new school year starts to sink in.  In some instances, though, it only feels like I’ve fallen behind on some episodes, as shows like The Real Housewives of New Jersey are operating on a crazy plane and The Daily Show doesn’t seem to have it’s on/off vacation schedule worked out with my TiVo.

3.  I saw The Kids are All Right and have spent several (or maybe just one) weeks attempting to figure out why Julianne Moore is getting all the Oscar buzz.  To account for this, I’m also attempting to convert people to the Annette Benning camp that I’ve established just across the movie theater.

4.  In the last month, I’ve become an even more devoted fan of David Foster Wallace.  I just wish I had been more aware of him when he was alive.  I’m hoping that I can 1.) stick with Infinite Jest to the end and 2.) that I have enough time before school starts to make a real go of things.

5.  This would be longer, but it’s way past my bedtime.

6.  But I do have time for this: I have a new piece out on PopMatters, “Prophylactic Television: MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom“.  I’m pretty jazzed about it.  And, if you’ve ever read this blog before, you can see that all that 16 and Pregnant viewing is finally starting to pay off.


One thought on “Just when you thought I was never going to write again…

  1. 1) I agree, August, what the heck? I do not approve.
    2) Good for you for trying those tooth-brushing stations, I have never been so bold!
    3) The Daily Show’s summer schedule = unacceptable. As is J. Stew’s goatee. Why mar the beauty, sir, why?
    4) Agree re: The Kids Are All Right. Is nudity sufficient grounds for an Oscar nod? I feel that it is not.

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