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So, I know that I often promise more writerly regularity after I make excuses for not writing for a few days.  But today, I’m not going to do that.  All I’m going to say is that maintaining discipline in the summer is hard.  Especially when one is unemployed and a little at sea in general.  But I’m getting myself back on schedule very, very soon.  Not because I feel especially motivated to stop acting like a fancy retiree, but because several people will have my ass if my little fingers don’t get typing again.

Like all good five year-olds, I need some structure.

For a few weeks, I was able to use life – and its ups and downs – as a good excuse to do, well, nothing except work on my tan and finish that Stieg Larsson trilogy.  But now, a bajillion pages and several calming breaths later, here we are.  Time to get the old noggin working.  If I can get my brain working, my fingers can fly across the keyboard like a tap dancer on speed and I can keep going until callbacks.   As always, getting the thinking process going involves maybe making a list or two of my whereabouts and what’s coming down the pipe.

So, here goes nothing.

1.  I finished that Stieg Larsson trilogy.  I can say I had a good time.  I can also say that I was intrigued by the twistiness of the plot and the inner workings of many of the characters’ minds.  I am also deeply afraid that many Swedish men are secret, twisted, cruel misogynists.  Luckily, I’m only pretending to be a fancy retiree and have no immediate plans to go to Sweden.

2.  As soon as I kick-start my brain, I’ll be submitting more pieces to PopMatters.  Blogging for them has been good for me, and I really need/want to keep going with it.  If you are one of my good buddies who is supportive, I thank you tons and will try not to disappoint.

3.  I saw Inception. I thought it was very good.  I also realized that Leonardo DiCaprio does not have a leading man walk.  I know there are vocal, diction, and acting coaches in Hollywood, but I wonder if anyone has ever gone into business teaching actors how to strut.

4.  My running mileage is up again.  So is my knee pain, but I’m pretending like it isn’t because being able to run again feels so good.

5.  In other sports news, I suffered no new injuries to the left side of my body this week.  I did, however, get hit in the face by a softball.

6.  The Old Spice viral ads that came out this week (where the Old Spice guy answers questions and responds to comments from the internet) made me love and hate having internet access during work time.  Here’s one so that you can waste several hours of your day, too.

You’re welcome.  Glad I could help.

7.  I am attempting to think about my course for the fall.  Right now I’m working through the problem of attempting to find a sexy way to start an American Lit course about the woods.

8.  As of Monday, this whole sleeping until 9am business is over.  Like I mentioned above, I need more structure.  I also need to haul my butt out of bed at a reasonable hour, like 7am.  Otherwise, I slip into the bad habit of watching the 4th hour of the Today show just to see if it’s finally the day when Hoda loses it on Kathie Lee.

9.  I finally got around to to revisiting Six Feet Under on DVD.  I started watching it during my exams, but lost interest (probably related to the fact that stress of the weight of my academic career combined with a show about death didn’t really work for me at the time).  Now, though, I can’t get enough.  I also started watching Dexter, which I guess means I’m on an inadvertent Michael C. Hall kick.  On real people television, I’m hoping to get around to watching the episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Huge that I taped.  I caught up on Louie last week.  The whole point of this is that I should have something cohesive to write about television very soon.  Otherwise, this consumption only means that I’m becoming a more diverse couch potato.

10.  I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace’s book of essays, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. I really like it and I find myself intrigued by the fact that his writing voice feels simultaneously vibrant and familiar to me.  I can’t really explain that, but it’s the only way I can semi-accurately describe my reading experience.

11.  I am trying to stay out of trouble.

Basically, I’ll be back to writing, theorizing, and talking to the internet void on a regular basis very, very soon.  So, there’s no need to miss me too much.  I’ll be annoying you all plenty in a short while.


2 thoughts on “Unscheduled

  1. For someone who claims to be having a lazy summer, you sound pretty busy to me! Will await your future PopMatters posts with eagerness… and future blog posts about your pending course on Nature, Woods, and American Literature: Sexier Than You Think.

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