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It’s all happening…

This is a shorty, but by way of explanation about why I haven’t been posting here with as much regularity as I’d like, I’d like to pimp my recent blog posts on PopMatters: Bravo’s Work of Art: Wherin Highbrow Marries Lowbrow and it Lasts – At Least ‘Til Nullification and  Jam-Packed with Air: Memphis Beat.  While these aren’t huge shakes, they’re very encouraging and make me feel like I’m at least getting my toes wet in a slightly larger pond.

Since I can’t quite express myself through dance, let me explain through a clip from Almost Famous.


One thought on “It’s all happening…

  1. Congratulations on both posts, Ms. L! Such thought-provoking pieces… I hope the makers of both programs are taking note of your insights, so that they can turn their “slightly dramatic, generally pleasant evening of television” into something more…

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