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I saw this woman get her hair pulled once; or, The Real Housewives of New Jersey go to a fancy party

Hair pulling is a violent, vicious crime.  I cannot stress this enough.  When one is forced to break the heels of her completely impractical boots* fleeing attackers at the North Jersey Country Club, this follically-based crime escalates to a level of unspeakable terror.  Crimes of this nature can only be hashed out on basic cable … Continue reading

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It’s all happening…

This is a shorty, but by way of explanation about why I haven’t been posting here with as much regularity as I’d like, I’d like to pimp my recent blog posts on PopMatters: Bravo’s Work of Art: Wherin Highbrow Marries Lowbrow and it Lasts – At Least ‘Til Nullification and  Jam-Packed with Air: Memphis Beat.  … Continue reading

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In praise of musicals about famous men

As many people know, I generally like holidays of all shapes and sizes.  I refer to some things that are not holidays as holidays because they evoke a holiday-type spirit and hope to convince others that these are occasions for joy and celebration. Really, if people had any sense, these days would be marked on … Continue reading