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Burns, television, music, and me

Recently, my thoughts have been a bit scattered, which is why I haven’t posted anything of substance since the official start of summer.  Since I like to make excuses for my lax posting schedule that only have a glancing resemblance to the truth, I’m going to say that the infectious happiness that accompanied the solstice made me unable to write.  There.  That’s good.   That’ll work.

As a way of making amends, here are some stray thoughts and observations that have occurred to me over the past week or so but have failed to germinate beyond the sentence level.

1.  I started watching Memphis Beat and was completely confused by it.  On one level, there is absolutely nothing to be confused about with this show.  On the meta level, however, it is a tangled web of questions and enigmas.  Then, I read Zack Handlen’s review of the Pilot on the A.V. Club, realized he had a point when he talked about the fact that Jason Lee is no longer cool, and longed for the days when we were all excited by Kevin Smith’s potential.

2.  I’m unreasonably worried that I will forget to set my TiVo to tape My Boys when it premieres.  I think summer significantly lowers my standards while simultaneously raising my paranoia about TiVo failure.

3.  I got my first glassblowing-related burn.  The circumstances leading to the incident were significantly less stupid than the time I burned my hand on the door of the oven trying save a dropped (and, honestly, lost forever) pizza.

4.  I got a blog post published on PopMatters.  This, I feel, makes me more legit than I was two weeks ago.  There will be – hopefully – more in the future.  This one is about The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Jersey Shore, and, in my humble opinion, is worth your time.

5.  I just turned on Comedy Central and they were showing Dave Chapelle’s R. Kelly parody “Pee on You” from Chapelle’s Show. This Wednesday might end on a high note after all.

6.  Holy crap.  I totally forgot there’s a “Pee on You” Remix on this episode of Chapelle’s Show.

7.  Party Down has been canceled.  That makes me pretty sad.  But I guess I can nurse my Adam Scott crush through Parks and Recreation, whenever NBC gets smart enough to premiere it.  Let’s just hope that I don’t steal my brother’s Boy Meets World DVDs in a vain attempt to tide myself over.

8.  Speaking of actor crushes, is it me, or do we all need more Javier Bardem in our lives?

9.  For five minutes, I pondered cutting back on my beer intake.  Then, I had a beer because all that thinking was making me thirsty.

10.  For the past few days, I’ve been trying to mentally compile a mix tape that speaks to summer, change, and complicated emotions.  Here’s how it’s going so far (note: these are in no particular order):

So far, it’s a little bit of a downer.

11.  I have several movies I would like to see and a number of things I need to write.  I am, however, saving both activities for a rainy day.  I hate squandering sunshine.

12.  I started reading for pleasure again.  It has been delightful, and I’ve rediscovered my love of Michael Chabon, broken bindings, and reading in the bathroom.

13.  I find myself missing singable television theme songs.  I think we should enlist Alan Thicke to remedy the problem.  Why Alan Thicke?  Two reasons:


2 thoughts on “Burns, television, music, and me

  1. Wahoo! Congratulations on getting your Jersey musings on Pop Matters, Ms. L! The world, it needs your wise Jersey insights :)

    • Thanks, Ms. H! I actually have another post out now about equally high-brow programming on Bravo. It’s a regular-ish gig that I’m really excited about.

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