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Mellow and girl power-ish, with a smack of hope

It’s been a strange, strange day.  I live alone and spend the first hour or so after I’m awake letting the people on the Today show do all the talking.  When I finally chose to speak, however, the first words out of my mouth were “son of a bitch.”   And even though it didn’t seem like things were going to turn around, after some relaxing hours at the pool, cranking through dissertation reading and some (unexpected) good friend support and some good news, I can go to bed happy with fact that today ended on a much better note.  Hopefully I’ll be able to talk about the events of my evening more in the near future, but let’s just say I’m excited.  And I haven’t been this type of excited in quite some time, so it’s both great and terrifying.  In honor of the fact that it is possible that the day will get better, or maybe, just maybe, there’s a win on the horizon, I offer the song that makes me feel like everyone has a good helping of hidden magic.

One thought on “Mellow and girl power-ish, with a smack of hope

  1. Love Natalie Merchant. That new album of hers where she wackily sets ye olde poems to music… bless her geeky, literary heart for that one. Her songs always work to brighten one’s day!

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