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Existing on a cooler plane

Recently Garfunkel and Oates have gotten a bit of attention for their song and YouTube video “Pregnant Women are Smug,” in which the duo sing the innermost thoughts of most of us who are not pregnant women but who have been exposed to some pretty smug ones in our time.

This is particularly hilarious if you are of baby-having age and not particularly interested in having babies.  Especially if you seem to lack people to laugh at and about pregnant women with. 

But a quick pass through YouTube can tell you that there’s a lot more from this pair, and I thought I’d share my two favorites.  First, when I’m having a dull day and looking around for something to amuse me on the internet, I’ll eventually end up watching “One Night Stand.”  I like this song not just for the whole “woman in charge of her sexuality having sex because she wants to” thing, but also because the premise is how things would go if Kate and Riki were cooler.  And since a lot of what I think about is what I would do or say if I were cooler and not so clumsy, I totally get what they mean.

The best thing about Garfunkel and Oates is that their songs are cleverly descriptive and funny takes on the misadventures of being one of us modern ladies.  Since a number of us have probably been on this date anyway, I’ll give you “Me, You and Steve” with very little ado.

2 thoughts on “Existing on a cooler plane

  1. Love. These. Ladies. How did I not know about them before, they are delightful! (Begins plotting showing said videos in a future Intro to WGS class…)

    • They’re both a little mainstream and little obscure. They’ve both done guestwork on nerdy hits like Scrubs and The Big Bang Theory, but the band stuff is one of those if you heard about it, it’s everywhere type things.

      You should check out their other videos. They’re a good way to waste time…I mean, develop course material…

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