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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Week 5: In which we learned about the Valentine’s Day Jamie cooked naked

Icebergs melted, walls fell, unicorns danced in circles, bison burgers were enjoyed by all, and Alice paid Jamie a tiny bit of praise.  After months of gentle wooing, Jamie has almost succeeded in endearing himself to Alice and becoming the British person she almost tolerates*.  Our story began with Jamie and Rod from the radio telling stories, laughing laughs, and working in harmony at the morning show until Doug Shiels, the man in charge of the local hospital called into the radio station and offered himself up as Jamie’s next quasi-adversary/eventual partner in health-making. After finding out that even more people were worried about how Huntington would appear on television**, Jamie cut to the chase, told some dude in a suit that his objections were really weird, and then told the group of worried skeptics how much money he needed.

With the money business put to the side for the rest of the episode, Jamie headed back to the schools to complete the cycle of the narrative before next week’s episode.  In what he thought was a risky (but I thought was pretty savvy) move, Jamie apologized to a mob of disinterested-looking, texting teenagers for taking away their french fries and told them that his success or failure was basically in their hands.  In what appeared to be a response to the idea that Jamie respected them mingled with curiosity about the promise of  pasta for lunch, the high schoolers were kind enough not to destroy the show.  Oh, and some kids drank plain milk, the principal of the elementary school lost some weight, and everyone’s skin is looking a lot better.

Product placement of the week:  Last week’s Green Giant product placement was a little odd, but this week’s mini-ad for Green Truck worked a lot better.  While it was still a little awkward because the little interview/explanation very much an advertisement, at least with Green Truck we could see it in action and actually introducing a new idea into the community.  I’m pretty sure Huntingtonians were aware of frozen vegetables in the B.O. (Before Oliver) era.

* I sort of love Alice, and mostly because she’s totally a super hard sell and generally unimpressed by everyone.  She seems like one of those people who doesn’t let you know where you stand with her unless she has to, but who also has a legitimate problem with being malicious or the cause of anyone’s downfall.  I thought this was especially apparent when she was honest about how Jamie’s programs were working in the school (some kids like some things better than others – fair enough), but she wasn’t going to submarine the whole thing, either.
** I really had no idea that Huntingtonians being portrayed as having an obesity issue on t.v. might be a deterrent for new industry.  I kind of thought that businesses that find West Virginia attractive would find it attractive regardless of how an AP wire interprets a CDC report.


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