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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Week 4: All We Eat Nowadays is Beef Stir Fry

And they were cookin’, cookin’ in the streets…because Jamie was trying to win a bet.  This week’s episode* took a break from the will they/won’t they tension between Alice and Jamie in the elementary school kitchen and focused on Jamie’s work in the larger Huntington community.  I was too young for Moonlighting, but I imagine that the chemistry between Jamie and Alice is like watching Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis all over again. While I’m glad we escaped the tedium of the permit office at town hall and spent more time capturing the magic of a Marshall University dance program flash mob, I would still like some more reality in this particular reality program.  We did see Jamie promoting the Cook-a-Thon and Jamie’s Kitchen through interpretive dance, the shortened format of the show doesn’t allow us to actually appreciate the enormity of Jamie’s task and the popular opposition he faced in Huntington.  The quickened pace of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution gave us a story arc that threw up plot flags at every turn:

  • Jamie grows sad and frustrated with Rod from the radio, 
  • Jamie attempts to win Rod over by ordinary means, 
  • But Jamie must resort to extraordinary means,
  • And managest to win Rod over with emotional appeals and boyish British charm, 
  • And by Friday everyone feels good and completes a giant picture wall.  

There’s a lot to like here; I just wish we could slow down a little and see how it actually all happens because I’m worried that the Huntingtonites (?) (Huntingtonians?) only know how to make beef stir fry.

* We also learned that it’s been two months since episode one, which means that time flies when you’re having fun in West Virginia.  Do I have to contact Ryan Seacrest directly to get some answers about the collapsed pace of this show?  Because I WILL write him a letter.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Week 4: All We Eat Nowadays is Beef Stir Fry

  1. Thank you. I discovered Blogger in Draft. (Now you know the other reason why I was hoping people would come to the actual site.)Yeah, that product placement was really, really awkward. It felt like too much company line, not enough "eyes on the healthy eating prize." And I don't really remember seeing Green Giant commercials elsewhere in the episode, so it was really weird.

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