It’s been a crazy week, and I plan on going on a review-posting bonanza soon, but until then, enjoy the flowers. They’re pretty. 

I got my mom to give me these after complaining on Easter that no one gives me flowers during my family’s traditional post-bagel brunch flower exchange.  (Note: Basically, I made the case that I am no different from my 94 year-old aunt and should be treated equally.  The main exception to this new maxim is that I still expect my duck-themed Easter basket to be hidden cleverly and full of Peeps.)  I’m an adult who doesn’t live with her parents, so I don’t see why I’m still counted as a member of my parents’ household for flower allotments.  (Read: I am actually too lazy and cheap to spend $5.99 at Wegmans and get my own bunch of tulips.)  Then, my mom said she’d give them to me, and I said they were hers. (This was the moment when I realized that I had complained about flowers I could easily buy myself and that might wilt while being transported across state lines.)  Then, she told me she wanted me to have them.  So I took them and enjoyed them all week. (Success.)

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