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Seven Sentence Review: 16 and Pregnant, Week 6 (Samantha)

The screaming; oh, the screaming.  I know this show is supposed to be informative (and possibly preventative), but if Samantha’s labor didn’t make a whole bunch of teenagers rethink awesome condomless make-up sex (Jenelle from Episode 1, I’m looking in your direction), I don’t know what will.  (Public service announcement: the clip below is a short peek at Samantha’s back labor before the doctor finally decided 1.) she could have an epidural and 2.) that the baby was only coming out via C-section.  Do NOT watch this clip if that viewing of The Miracle of Life in high school still haunts your nightmares.  Because that calm, ’70s natural childbirth lady doesn’t live on MTV.)  But anyway, before Samantha was an oxygen mask-ripping ball of screaming pain, she was this season’s pregnant daughter of a  pregnant former teen mom (who was cool through, but gave her daughter an eyebrow raise when reminded that she was going to be both a mom and grandma at 33 that would have stopped me mid-syllable).  This teen mom raised by a teen mom business was actually handled pretty well, as both of Samantha’s parents were able to offer her really good advice and guidance based on their own experience.  MTV doesn’t always have a deft hand when it comes to class issues, but this week we didn’t play rich mom or poor mom as much as we sometimes do; Samantha’s family was clearly not well-off, but the economic cloud that sometimes rolls into an episode of 16 and Pregnant didn’t seem to linger as much this time.  But what really stuck with me – aside from the screaming and that baby’s crazy hair – was Samantha’s final interview.  There’s always a sad moment in every episode of 16 and Pregnant, but when the teen mom talks about how her new identity has changed her self-image and makes her feel like a disappointment (even though she loves her baby very much), I can’t help but try to wrap my arms around the t.v. and tell her it’s going to be okay.  


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