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For that extra touch of class…

Even though I’m the proud owner of a TiVo and thus have the power – and possibly the right – to skip over commercials, when I enjoy a program with the rest of America I can’t avoid being advertised to.  And I have to admit that watching commercials can often be a rewarding experience for the seasoned television viewer (especially one like myself who rarely takes things seriously).  And, after some careful consideration, I’ve decided that no commercial rewards more than the local ad.

Right now, there’s a local ad for a nearby golf course that I see at least once every night.  And every night this ad cracks me up even though it is designed to give straightforward information about how one can hold a special event at this particular golf course.  I’d name the golf course or try to find a YouTube clip of the t.v. spot if I could, but I honestly can’t remember the name.  This is because the  name of the golf course/country club/event space is not what interests me.  Not that this ad fails, technically; the message gets across – I know I can hold an event there, and I think there’s a “b” in the name.  It’s just that at the end of the day, what amuses me has very little to do with golf or entertaining.

So, what’s really grabbing my attention?  Well, in the ad, a man on the golf course talks about how he likes a good party, but nothing beats a party at a golf course, because man, that’s a classy affair (I’m paraphrasing, so those are my words, not his).  You might be asking yourself, what’s so funny?  Who doesn’t think that a party at a golf course has that extra bit of class that we all like when we mark special occasions?  Well, here’s how the strange workings of my brain jam things up: Every time I see this ad, I can’t help thinking about the “Mike’s Marbleopolis” sketch with Scarlett Johansson from SNL.  And, to paraphrase the commercial, all I can think of is, “Who throws parties here, the Pope?”*

For your viewing enjoyment, I’m including the SNL sketch.

* And, to be really honest, ever since this bit aired a few years ago, I’ve run into many “you gotta get yourself some marble columns” situations.  These mostly occur when I’m being a wiseass in response to someone else’s requests for honest feedback about home decor.


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