Olympic fever

Two things I like: The Olympics and Ikea spelling

Tonight’s Olympic broadcast – a mercifully ice skating-free evening – makes me not want to stray from my couch for too long.  While I know absolutely nothing about Snowboard Halfpipe, I am fully invested in Team U.S.A. and their fake-denim snow pants.  Also, the Finnish snowboarders are being referred to as “the Finnish Mafia” by the sportscasters on NBC, which makes them sound menacing.  But this is being undercut by the repeated discussion of how they’re really, really nice guys.  I’m just wondering why there isn’t a cutesy but strangely menacing name for the American snowboarders.  I mean, really?  Their given names?  NBC, you’re better than that.

Anyways, today I was laughing at some of The Onion’s Olympic posts, so I thought I’d share.  In honor of Lindsey Vonn’s gold medal in the Women’s Downhill, here’s “Lindsey Vonn Credits Success to Really Good Ski Poles.”  And, in honor of the general strangeness of Winter Olympic events, check out the Snokaathlaan slide show.  I love that there’s a “lava stage,” a “stretch where family and friends gather to scream at athletes that they’ll never make it, as per tradition,” “Bob Costas sitting by fireplace,” blindfolds, and belly flops.

Now, back to my couch.  I can hear excited yelling coming from my television and I want to join in at home.


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