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A Kenneth and Liz Party

As I am physically incapable of being anything but extremely punctual, I was the first to arrive at this evening’s Super Bowl party.  My gracious host and fellow 30 Rock fan met me at my car and let me know that it might be a “Kenneth and Liz party,” which I found particularly funny since I get to be Liz every way you slice it.  And from now on, I will be calling my host Kenneth at work.  And, in the near future, I might try to make him get me a sandwich.  I haven’t been able to find any good clips of  the “Greenzo” episode that shows us what Kenneth’s parties look like (and why he doesn’t have parties anymore).  But, since I’d still like to honor of the early part of the evening*, here are some short, but fun moments from 30 Rock.  

First, the party song that almost rocked the party tonight.

Now, a moment from television that scarily imitates my own life.

And finally, the reason why I want Kenneth at the door of every party.

*The other guests were about 5 minutes behind me.


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