weekly wrap-up

Summing up a week of snowy promises

Winter weekends can be crazy, full of ups and downs.  Take this weekend, for instance.  Those of us in the mid-Atlantic survived what was built up in the media to be the destruction of civilization as we know it by weather that’s completely normal for February.  Meanwhile, in a related story, everyone on Central and Mountain time laughed at the ransacking of every business that sells food and the hysteria of our newscasters.  This evening, while still recovering from the terror of falling snow, we eagerly await the Super Bowl tomorrow night.  With so much tension in the air, let’s look back at the week we just barely managed to survive.

1.) On Thursday night’s Parks and Recreation, we met DJ Roomba, the most excellent cleaning/music device ever.  Since Thursday night, I’ve been casually hinting to my boyfriend that he needs something similar in his home.

2.) As a part of the Super Bowl week coverage, Stefan Fastis wrote an interesting piece on Slate, “Peyton Manning is a Genius.  He’s also a pain in the ass.,” about my favorite quarterback.  On a related note, I plan to use some of my Peyton Manning coasters during Sunday’s Colts/Saints Super Bowl.  I know I’ve completely impressed you now.

3.)  To offset the intensity of Peyton Manning the player, I give you Peyton Manning on SNL.  And I’m not just doing this because I like him.  This Digital Short is also genuinely funny.  And I’m posting this because I agree – to paraphrase Slate’sHang Up and Listen” sports podcast – that if Peyton Manning couldn’t make us laugh, he’d be terrifying.

4.)  I am afraid I might be catching Olympic fever.  I’ll know more by next Friday, at which point I might be standing on my couch, singing the instrumental NBC Olympic theme*.

5.)  I finished the third season of The Tudors.  I actually don’t have much to say about it.  Solid costume drama.  Love the set design.  Desperately miss Ann Boleyn but know we can’t have her back.

6.)  Punxsatawney Phil saw his own shadow, which condemned us to this horror:
But don’t worry, I survived.  Even if I do look a little haggard.

Actually, it was worse in other places.  But I plan to remain cranky until I get a good snowstorm.
7.)  A Saturday evening marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras (currently playing in the background), has made me eternally grateful for my lack of rhythm and my parents’ decision to encourage me to play sports.  
And because you’ve been so good, I’ll let you see those Peyton Manning coasters I was talking about:
*Though even then I might not be able to tell.  If I end up calling my brother – my favorite instrumental theme song-singing partner – I might not be able to gauge when, exactly, I’ve fallen into the abyss.

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