Friday Wrap-Up / things I like

The week I almost didn’t sum up

This week I experienced that kind of mid-week fatigue that makes a person rank his or her pajamas based on how dangerously comfortable they are.  (For the record, my cream and maroon star pajamas are now for weekend use only.)  So, I didn’t sum up the week on Friday like I usually do.  But since I have things to write about that happened during my lazy Saturday, I’m going to stand by my decision to put things off.  So, without further ado, lets look at the things I missed, hadn’t gotten to yet, or simply didn’t know I wanted to write about until now.

1.)  All week, I meant to write  the response to this piece in The New York Times, When Chocolate and Chakras Collide” about “foodie yoga” got on the internet.  I personally enjoyed this satirical piece from Gawker’s Adrian Chen (writing as not-Adrian-Chen), “The Singular Delights of ‘Foodie Yoga.'”  Honestly, as a yogi and as an eater, I’m not totally sure what I think about the idea of pairing yoga and fine dining.  As some one who plans her dinner during savasana (I know, I know, that’s not the point) and I probably wouldn’t turn down a dinner at the yoga studio if it was offered to me and it involved wine and chocolate, the trend seems to be taking things to a level that’s slightly more pretentious than it should be.  It also makes me wonder if “foodie yoga” is actually a trend or just really smart marketing.

2.)  The man who wrote this passed away.

Many of us nerds – and some of our non-nerd friends – were sad.

3.)  I started watching season three of The Tudors.  I’ve only seen the first disc of the series on DVD (so, three episodes), but all I can say is: WHERE’S THE SEXY?

Remember this?  Now, I’m just hoping Jane dies by Episode 4 so we can all get on with our lives.  When did this become a political drama?  As someone who can actually get her info about Early Modern Politics elsewhere, I believe this needs to be a LOT soapier.

On a related note, I figured out the direction Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been given for the past three seasons: 1.) Start slowly, with something sarcastic but sort of dangerous-sounding, 2.) Fire up the crazy eyes, and 3.) Yell menacingly and as though you have unchecked power and the divine right to rule (and execute).

4.)  Jon Hamm hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and for the first time in a long time the show was funny.  There was a lot of joking about Don Draper, which is always welcome, but there was also a lot of very funny.  Here’s the best sketch of the night, Ham and Buble:

And while I’m limiting myself to one sketch from last night as to avoid posting the entire show, I am going to go ahead and remind you about Jon Hamm’s John Ham.

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