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A Case of the Yips

At the beginning of the semester, it’s very, very, very easy to get into one’s own head about one’s teaching ability.  Especially if one’s class in the previous semester ran freakishly smoothly.  A solid class can go steadily downhill as the sufferer of the yips gets into his or her own head and dismantles the pedagogical foundation on which his or her class is built.  Right now, I am suffering from the yips.

For those of you who don’t know, the yips are defined as “an apparently baseless sudden loss of ability in one of a number of different sports.”  I got that definition off of Wikipedia.  And while I would seriously discourage the use of the Wikipedia in any other forum, in this case it’s fine.  Due to the deep breathing and running I’ve been doing to overcome the yips, I’ve been a bit distracted from formulating interesting things to say about popular culture.

To apologize for being distracted, I will now present you with a series of videos of songs I taped off the radio in middle school.*

First, a word from my serious 7th grade self:

And now, a song I made sure to listen to on my Walkman because even though I didn’t quite know exactly what was being discussed, I had a feeling it was slightly raunchy:

1993 was CRAZY.

*For fun, I checked to see what year these songs came out and was surprised to learn that I picked three songs from 1993 pretty much randomly.  I think this might have a lot to do with my family getting cable that year.


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