As good an explaination as any

Last night, I was hanging around my parents’ house, watching TV with my brother.  Since I didn’t have to get up early this morning, I summoned all  my willpower and stayed up until midnight to watch the first 25 minutes of The Tonight Show in honor of the fact that it’s Conan’s last week and it probably won’t be funny anymore when Leno comes back.  Also, while it will be sad to see him go, this whole abrupt cancellation and getting screwed by NBC has really lit a fire under that show.  And the responses to the situation – especially from David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel – have also been great fun.  But no take on the situation – NONE – is better than this news animation from Hong Kong explaining the entire situation that aired on The Tonight Show last night.

I can follow it pretty well until Jeff Zucker turns into Captain America and Jay Leno turns into an overweight Superman.  I mean, aside from the fact that that makes an unholy alliance of Marvel and DC comics characters, it just doesn’t make sense.  Though I totally get why Conan O’Brien is the Hulk.


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