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Nearly new for 2010!

With less than a week to go before the new semester, I decided to clean my Chucks*. I took a picture of them because the last time I decided to clean the white parts of a pair of Chuck Taylors, I ended up with what I fondly refer to as “my icky bar shoes.” That is the difference between using a Clorox Pen (pink spots abound) and a Magic Eraser (no spots, don’t know how it get things so clean, don’t care). You might ask, why not just get new shoes? Because, my friends, we are in a recession and I am in grad school. Also, I can’t decide on a new color.

*This is a good indicator that break has gone on a bit too long for me. I have – and am – enjoyed the time away, but any time I think to myself, “Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned ________________,” when “________________” is something slightly outside my normally rigorous cleaning schedule, I probably need something better to do.

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