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The week we were allergic to everything and nothing

(Note: To actually see the videos I put in this post, you have to click through to the post itself.  Or you can just read it as though I’m referring to imaginary objects.  Either way is cool with me.)

This week was a slow one.  Not bad slow, but not good slow.  Just slow.  Things really picked up on Monday when I took a half-dose of Benedryl and drank some coffee.  Man, my body thought we were moving double-time.  But things after that were pretty sedate.  My greatest accomplishment was convincing my boyfriend to watch the two-hour season premiere of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.  I set out of prove to him that the first episode of The Bachelor is always hands down hilarious, and this premiere did not disappoint.  Now that I’ve figured out how to put videos in these posts, here’s the moment from the premiere when Jake and the ladies played an impromptu/staged game of touch football in evening wear.

Interestingly, that was one of the less odd moments of the episode.  There was a whole lot of moderately crazy talk floating around (which seemed included the mantra of “I deserve this,” which probably has its origins in one of those popular “if you believe it hard enough, it will come to you” self-help disciplines), some inapproriate jokes in both English and Cambodian, some dress up, and a lot of out of context talk about God.  Go figure.

And because I can’t help myself, here’s that off-color joke in Cambodian.

Sorry to ruin things, but it fell flat.  Aside from the joke not being very funny, it proved too risque for the participants on a show who are going to spend a lot of time making out in hottubs for the camera and possibly heading to the “Fantasy Suite” together.  It’s one thing to allude to how your creative use of body chocolate won you the ring in the finale.*  It is quite another to refer to how you’ve been waxed, thankyouverymuch.

In other fun news, I found out today (which means probably everyone else knew already) that How I Met Your Mother is doing a musical episode for their 100th episode.  I kind of like musical episodes on television – mostly because I sort of like musicals – and therefore really enjoyed the video slideshow, “How I Serenaded Your Mother,” that June Thomas of Slate put together to showcase television’s best musical episodes.  The slideshow includes clips and brief explainations of how said shows were able to justify a typically non-singing cast suddenly bursting into song (and not always in tune).  It makes me almost want to watch Oz. 

To round things out for the week, I want to mention today’s episode of Oprah, about husbands living secret double lives and the often illegal or disturbing consequences of those lives (I won’t give anything away, but one of the charges that one of the husbands is doing time for is “body stealing”).  If for some strange reason, you don’t TiVo Oprah like I do, I highly recommend heading to to see what it was all about.  My only issue with the episode is – to paraphrase Dennis Leary when he spoke about Oprah and doing research on her show when writing his last book – I feel like I’m supposed to learn something from each episode, and today I wasn’t sure what that lesson was.  Vigilance?  Don’t be seduced by easy living?  Ask where the money comes from?  Men are terrible? Always listen to Maya Angelou? (Though the advice “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time” was pretty darn good.) **
 And that was my week. 
*Don’t believe me?  Check out Season 1 of The Bachelor.
**I think that the biggest perk of being a celebrity like Oprah is being able to casually mention something Maya Angelou or a major celebrity said to you to one of us wee people who live in the glow of the television set as though we, too, speak to Ms. Angelou on a regular basis and she just never had that particular conversation with us. And I don’t hear this as Oprah name-dropping Maya Angelou or holding her celebrity status over me.  Instead, I’ve filed it away as cocktail chatter should I ever have to make some small talk with either Maya Angelou or Oprah.  And that is the power of Oprah.

As a bonus – and because I really like random, strange moments of singing on television – I’m posting a clip of one of my favorite musical moments on television from “Episode 210” of 30 Rock, which also happens to be my favorite episode.


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