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Fun with cameras: It is possible to photograph "cold"

I took a few pictures while running errands this morning in Middlebury that I thought I would share for funsies. And while it’s not as cold as it has been and it’s not snowing as hard as it could, I think these pictures illustrate the ideas of “cold” and “Vermont” pretty well.  On a related note, I am now wearing toe warmers for everyday purposes.  Also, I’m thinking of setting up a tip line for the retrieval of my black gloves. 

Here are the rapidly rushing falls at Otter Creek:

There’s a whole lot of crazy cold mist coming off that water.

Here’s a moderately calmer section of Otter Creek (but the water was still rushing along….if you look carefully you can see waves and snow):

And finally, here’s some ice, snow, and cold water (or, as I like to call it H20, three ways):


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