Sunday in the Christmas City

I decided to head out on Sunday afternoon and finally get a picture of one of the huge, steel Advent wreathes placed on the bridges and at the town hall complex in Bethlehem, PA. This particular wreath is perched on the wall at the back of the town hall complex and is a lovely welcome to the center of town for those traveling to the North Side over the New Street/Fahy Bridge. These wreathes are only a small part of the large-scale decorating scheme in town, as Bethlehem takes the title of “Christmas City” very, very seriously.

Note: I’m only guessing that these wreathes are made of steel, but since just about every long-standing sculpture in town is made of steel (because of the whole Bethlehehem Steel thing), I figure it’s a safe guess. These particular wreathes mark Advent accurately and are truly gigantic. And awesome.

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