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Friday Show-and-Tell

To round out this relatively prolific Friday, I thought I’d share two things I’m enjoying this morning.  They’re a little random, but then again, so am I.  Especially on lazy Fridays.  So, here are the things that are capturing my fancy while I decide what to have for lunch.

First, I’m positing a link to a This American Life episode titled “What is this Thing,” originally broadcast February 4, 2005.  While the whole episode is a great discussion of love and its many forms – including long-time love, romance writing, and gender – I’m really positng it for Sarah Vowell’s piece, “The Greatest Love Story of the 20th Century.”  This love story is the story of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and the song “Ring of Fire.”  It’s about 10 minutes long (it starts about 46 minutes in, though I highly recommend the whole episode) and discusses how the couple met, how June Carter Cash came to write “Ring of Fire,” the many interpretations of the song, and their marriage.

Second, I’ve been really enjoying Salon’s The Year in Crazy 2009.”  I’m linking to the Gosselins as to not ruin the rest of the somewhat predictable, but still interesting, list. 



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