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Note on a Sick Day

In an ideal world, when one is sick, a marathon of his or her favorite comfort television shows should be airing somewhere on television.  During the holiday season, this marathon should be offset by a variety of quality, engaging Christmas movies.  This weekend, however, as I try to will myself to shake this cold, the cable gods have not complied.  And, I played my Netflix hand all wrong and watched everything on Friday.  Yes, I could watch a movie, but the ability to flip around channels for unexpected television delights is the entire point of a sick day on the couch.  In honor of today’s slim pickings, I’ve complied a short, quick list of ideal sick-day television programming that allows for regular and enjoyable channel-surfing:

1.  A long block of procedural police/detective shows, like The Closer and Bones.  
2.  White Christmas, which is, by my estimation, the ideal holiday season afternoon movie.
3.  Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Cake Boss, Alton Brown, or Iron Chef America
4.  Music videos
5.  A marathon of MythBusters or Dirty Jobs
6.  The Love Boat
7.  Law and Order: Criminal Intent

 I asked my mom this question, too, which gives me my #8:
The Mary Tyler Moore Show and any of the Bob Newhart shows, though I think she leans heavily towards the Chicago/dentist version.

And for those who are simply too cold to go out and ordering pizzas like me, here’s a little Lazy Sunday.

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