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This morning at breakfast – after a delightful and fulfilling yoga event for Toys for Tots – my friend Colleen told an entire table of people I had just met that I’d be a good pop culture blogger.  She said this twice.  To be fair, I had given her cause.  In the first few minutes of conversation with my fellow breakfasting yogis, I had  discussed Steven Segal movies in general (but in particular, the one where he’s a country and western singer and has especially fringy jackets for horseback riding) and his new police reality show and had asked another person at the table if she had ever Googled David Sedaris’s partner, Hugh Hamrick, to see what he looks like.  (I have.)  My only answer to Colleen’s remarks was to smile at the table, shrug, and say, “Yeah, probably.” 

Now, the thing you have to know about me is that one of the few people who can tell me what to do (or, at the very least, give me a enough honest encouragement to get started with something I want to do) happens to be Colleen.  In general, I like to be both persnickety and stubborn when people tell me things for my own good.  It makes me think that I came up with good ideas all by myself.  In this case, however, the words, “knock it off with the research and just start writing” got a draft of my dissertation started.  And “just suck it up and clean it already” got me to clean a tub and finally shower three days after my boyfriend moved to Indiana.  In July.  I went for three days without a shower in Indiana in July.  If you were wondering, that is beyond discusting.  Thank God Colleen and her husband were driving across the country at the time so that she could get real with me in person.  I’m lucky that there’s someone who can, on a regular basis, cut through the static in my head.  So, anyways…even though I’ve been trying to get this blog underway for a while, things have fallen a bit flat with deadlines, messing around, and my desire to become really, really good at Tetris.  But now that I am really, really good at Tetris I think it’s time to get things going.  Today, I decided that I’m buckling down.

Here’s my plan, based on what happens to me every day:  I’m pretty good at finding interesting things on the internet, television, and the world around me.  And I like to share them.  So, from now on, I’m going to make a more focused effort to do that at least once day.  Results will vary, but maybe I can get something going here. 


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