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Friday Love and the Big Question of the Day

Can’t find it on the Internets (the tubes must be slow), but last night’s Parks and Recreation nearly made me pee myself simply for Leslie Knope’s “understandable” lady excuses for why she would have shot her boss in the head while hunting (since “I’m an excellent hunter” only confuses park rangers). (Update: Here it is on Hulu.) Personal favorite: “I have a new bra that hooks in the front, and it popped open and surprised me and I shot Ron in the head.”  I always wanted the show to work, and I’m glad it finally got funny.  Don’t just take my word for it: You can find a more articulate version of my feelings here, in Heather Havrilesky’s “I Like to Watch” column  at Salon.

Also, Oprah quitting her show the day before my 30th birthday.  Should that add a new dimension to my feelings about turning 30?  The Oprah Winfrey Show has been around most of my life…how should about it ending with my 20s?


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