The Whosits, Whatsits, and Hows (and Maybe a Why or Two)

So, why did I start a blog? Well, some people might say it’s because I live alone, but it’s a little more refined than that. I started a blog because I see a lot of things every day that I want to talk (or, more accurately, write) about but can’t find the right forum to discuss.

So, who am I? A Ph.D. student in 19th Century American Literature (with a Teaching Field in Victorian Lit). But, like many other Early Americanists and academics in general, popular culture is one of the main things I like to think and theorize about in my spare time. Of which I have plenty. So, to sum up, I am a Ph.D. student who thinks too much about the television she sees, the books she reads, the movies she watches, and the radio she listens to. Basically, I am a sponge. A sponge with an opinion.

What else? Well, I’m trying to convince myself that writing can be fun if I write about the stuff I like in a format that doesn’t intimidate or encourage procrastination. So, here we are. Sure, I could write an academic paper about the things that interest me. Maybe I will. And maybe I’ll present it at a conference somewhere and a room full of people will find me very insightful. But until then, I have to start somewhere…


Talk About It!

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